Emily Skye Displays Postpartum Body and Shares Inspiring Message to Other New Moms: 'Your Body Is Not Ruined'

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Australian fitness influencer Emily Skye has been talking about the importance of body positivity for years. And it seems she tries to practice what she preaches.

The mom of two just shared a bikini photo on Instagram with a very important message in the caption. “So many people believe having babies ruins your body! I don’t think that’s true!” she wrote. “Your body is not ruined, it’s just different!⁣⁣”

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Skye welcomed her second child, son Izaac, in June 2020.

“Just because your body has changed and may never be the same, doesn’t mean it isn’t fit, strong or beautiful,” the 36-year-old continued. “Focus on what your body does for you every single day rather than how it looks or what you can’t change.”

Skye then stressed that “every body is amazing and beautiful and should be celebrated,” but she admitted that it’s not always easy to view yourself this way. Still, Skye said, “if we don’t start practicing it, things will never change.”

Skye then talked about how she hopes her 3-year-old daughter, Mia, will be body-positive. “I want my daughter Mia to love her body no matter what and not compare herself to other people or strive for this idea of perfection like I used to,” she said. “The best way to help our kids I believe is to lead by example. Let them see us being kind to ourselves and loving ourselves and our bodies.” ⁣⁣


She ended on this note: “🤍 It all starts with us.⁣⁣⁣⁣”

People cheered Skye on in the comments. “❤️❤️❤️❤️ What a wonderful post and wise words you’ve written,” one person said. “I am so thankful that more women speak up about the reality of motherhood and how beauty can be defined by ourselves ❤️❤️❤️❤️ it is our body🔥.” Another wrote, “You look incredible and strong and even more so now after becoming a mother!”

While Skye has built a huge following on social media due to her body-positive messaging, she’s been open about struggling with body image in the past. But, as she previously told Health, she’s learned to change her mindset over time.

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“I just have so much more respect and appreciation for what my body is capable of,” she said in 2018, after having Mia. “I had no understanding of it before, but I literally grew a life, which is amazing. So the little things that before might have gotten to me don’t anymore. I don’t care about the stretch marks; I have flabby skin and cellulite. I also love the way I look now.”

Skye said she almost didn’t recognize her body after she had Mia, and that was hard for her at first. “But I had to remind myself of what I’d just been through,” she said. “It’s not permanent, either. You have the power to get fit again and get healthy—and let go of the thing that you can’t [change].” She also said she would remind herself when she looked in the mirror that she has a healthy baby and that she shouldn’t “get too caught up in what you don’t have.”

Skye shared in November 2020 on Instagram that her journey to get back her fitness after having Izaac was “a lot slower” than it was after she had Mia. “I am a lot busier now though with my businesses and kids and fitting in my training is more challenging,” she wrote in the caption of a video of herself in a bikini. In the video, Skye showed her stomach from all angles, and even jiggled it a little at one point.

“I always make sure I focus on how I feel (mentally and physically) and what my body DOES rather than how it ‘looks,” she continued. “That’s not to say I don’t have fitness goals though and that I’m not doing everything in my power to reach those goals, but it’s about controlling what you have the ability to control. If I can’t then I don’t beat myself up about it. There’s just no point! 🤷🏻‍♀️ I’m doing the best I can & that’s good enough. ☺️⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣.”

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