Most Popular Search Engines 1994 – 2019

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Historical timeline of search engines (including directories) popularity, since the earliest days of Internet 1994 – 2019. Worldwide stats, desktop and mobile searches combined.

That was the longest meta analysis I did on any video up to this day. The amount of press releases and filings I had to read is crazy. I even paid for one of the market reports, something I’ve never done before. Various analytic companies use conflicting definitions regarding search market metrics. In my chart the usage is defined by a first-choice search destination. Without going into algorithm details it allowed me to compensate on some blind spots in my data. Cumulative percentage never exceed 100, it actually can be lower, particularly during the early years with many users having undeveloped web search behavior. Enjoy the race!


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Data source: market reports, press releases, company SEC filings.

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